The mid taper fades haircut allows men to choose a style that matches their preferences. Whether it’s a side-parted, combed back, tousled, or spiked-up look, the options are numerous. To enhance these styles, using hair styling products and pomades can be beneficial. Read on for more details and inspiring ideas about the taper fade cut.

What Is A Taper Fade Haircut?

A taper fade haircut is a trendy hairstyle for men that involves the hair getting shorter as it moves from the top of the head toward the sides and back. It creates a clean and tapered look, blending the longer hair on top with shorter sides. The fade bajo in a taper fade haircut can start at different levels on the head, such as low, mid, or high, depending on where the gradual transition begins. The taper fade offers versatility and can be combined with various hair lengths, textures, and styles to create a personalized look.

What Is The Difference Between A Taper And A Fade?

The terms “taper” and “fade” are often used interchangeably in the context of haircuts, but there is a subtle difference between the two.

A taper refers to the gradual shortening of hair length from top to bottom. It involves blending the hair smoothly and gradually, resulting in a more natural transition between different lengths.

A fade, on the other hand, specifically refers to the shortening of hair length from the sides and back of the head, creating a seamless and gradual transition from longer hair on top to shorter hair at the sides and back. It usually involves a clipper or razor to achieve a smooth, even fade effect.

In summary, a taper is a general term for a gradual decrease in hair length, while a fade is a specific technique used to create a seamless transition between longer and shorter hair lengths on the sides and back of the head. The fade is a type of taper, but not all tapers are fades.

Types Of Tapered Fade You can follow it easly

Taper fade haircuts come in three main types: low, medium, and high. The style you choose will determine how you should shape and maintain your hair. For more elaborate looks like a high fade faux hawk, you’ll need strong styling products. For a simpler classic tapered fade, you can decide whether or not to style it. We’ve curated a selection of stylish options below to help you choose the perfect look without much effort.

Low Taper Fade

To achieve a low taper fade, the fading effect should start at the top of your ears, follow the hairline around them, and extend down to the nape of the neck. This haircut has a polished and professional appearance, making it suitable for any occasion. With a low fade taper, it’s recommended to keep the hair on top longer to create a contrasting look between the top and the faded sides and back.

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Mid-Taper Fade

A mid-tapper fade refers to a taper fade haircut where the fading effect starts in the middle of the head, typically around the temple area. This makes a stylish and level look with a gradual decline in hair length from the middle toward the sides and around.

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High Taper Fade

A high taper fade is a type of taper fade bajo haircut where the fading effect starts higher up on the head, usually near the temple or even closer to the crown. This style forms a more dramatic and defined difference between the long hair on top and the shorter hair on the flanks and back. It provides a bold and intense look.

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Taper Fade Curly Hair

A taper fade can also be applied to curly hair, offering a unique and stylish look. With twisted hair, the taper fades the haircut and combines the height and texture of the curls gradually from the top down to the flanks and back. This creates a neat and controlled appearance while maintaining the natural texture and volume of the curls. It’s a versatile option for those with curly hair who want a trendy and well-groomed hairstyle.

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Short Taper Fade

A short taper fade refers to a taper fade haircut where the hair is cut relatively short on the sides and back, gradually decreasing in length towards the neckline. The fading effect is typically more subtle and shorter than other tapers’ fade variations. This style shows a clean and shiny look, making it a favorite choice for those who prefer a low-maintenance and experienced hairstyle.

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Classy Taper Fade

If you prefer a classic and classy style but want a modern touch, this haircut can help you achieve the desired look. The type of haircut depends on the effect you want. You can get a specific side part above the tapered section to make it more defined.

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Blowout Taper

The blowout taper fade is a highly favored hairstyle among men who desire added volume on the top of their heads while keeping the sides neatly trimmed. To achieve this style, you’ll need a product that adds volume to your hair, a strong hair dryer, and a dash of confidence to complete the look.

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Skin Taper

A skin taper haircut can enhance the impact and edginess of your hairstyle. Removing a significant amount of hair from the sides allows you the freedom to style the top in complex ways. Popular options like spiked-up hair, a comb over, a quiff, or curtain bangs work exceptionally well with a skin taper, adding to the overall stylishness of your look.

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Long Hair Taper

A taper fade is a fantastic complement to long hair as it instantly simplifies maintenance while providing a well-defined shape to the hairstyle. The styling possibilities for the hair on top are totally up to your preference. You can choose anything you like, whether it’s a trendy top knot or a stylish Viking braid. Combining long hair with a taper fade creates a versatile and eye-catching look.

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Brushed Back Taper Fade Mid

A taper fade haircut directs attention to the hair on top, allowing you to style it in various ways that are guaranteed to turn heads. Try brushing your top hair backward and complementing it with a mid taler fade for a classy and fashionable appearance. This combination will give you a polished and trendy look. This combination creates a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle that will make a statement.

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Mid-Taper Mullet

The mullet haircut is a popular male hair trend making a comeback that you definitely shouldn’t overlook. Converge the lengthy top and back with a mid-taper haircut on the sides to give it a stylish touch. This combination creates a bold and fashionable look that will garner compliments from all directions. Embracing this style allows you to showcase a trendy, daring hairstyle that exudes confidence and style.

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High Taper Fade Curly Hair

Curly hair and a high taper fade complete each other .Managing the twists and turns of curly hair can be challenging, but a high taper fade simplifies the process. Choosing a high taper fade removes a significant amount of hair from the sides, resulting in an easier-to-maintain hairstyle. The contrast and boldness created by this combination enhance the overall appeal of your curly hair, making it a stylish and low-maintenance option.

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Taper Fade Straight Hair

A taper fade haircut adds a useful definition for straight hair, giving your hairstyle a more noticeable appearance. Pair it with a layered haircut on top to enhance the overall effect. Applying a texturizing product can also create a voluminous and structured look. The taper choice depends on your personal preferences, allowing you to customize the level of fading that suits your style. This combination of a taper fade and layered straight hair results in a polished, well-defined haircut.

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Middle Part Taper Fade

Middle-parted hair continues to be highly popular, and you can elevate the style by pairing it with a tapered fade haircut. This combination offers several advantages, including easier maintenance and styling. By incorporating a tapered fade, you effectively reduce the bulk of your hair, making it more manageable. These benefits are particularly noticeable with long hair, as the taper fade helps create a more polished and well-groomed appearance. With the taper fade, long hair gains enhanced versatility and a refreshed look.

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Low Taper Fade Curly Hair

Finding fashionable hairstyles for men with curly hair can be challenging, but that’s changing. Taper fades haveemerged as a game-changer, making curly-haired men look fantastic.Take this model as an example, showcasing their fabulous curls that instantly capture attention.

Their hair’s irresistible texture and volume will make women instinctively desire to run their hands through those beautiful curls. Taper fades the way curly-haired men can rock trendy and appealing hairstyles, empowering them to embrace their natural texture with style.

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Afro Taper Fade

A taper fade is a fantastic solution for managing and styling unruly Afro hair. You achieve a clean and refined hairstyle by tapering the sides and back. Simultaneously, you obtain a trendy and stylish look, hitting two targets with one shot. Remember to apply a small amount of hair styling product to enhance the striking texture of your curls on top. This combination showcases the boldness of your kinks while maintaining a well-groomed appearance.

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Long Hair Low Taper Fade

Combining long hair with a low taper fade creates a harmonious and visually appealing hairstyle. The tapering and fading of the hair on the sides and back result in a more polished and well-groomed overall look. The low taper fade, characterized by a gradual transition in length, offers a softer and less severe effect than other taper fade styles. This combination combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy the length of your long hair while maintaining a neat and clean appearance.

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Faux Hawk Low Taper Haircut

The faux hawk takes the lead when pairing a taper fade with a stylish haircut. To achieve this look, ensure your hair on top is long enough to create a crest-like shape, while the sides should be tapered instead of fully shaved like a traditional mohawk. This combination offers a modern twist, providing a sleek and edgy appearance with the taper fade adding a touch of refinement.

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Parted Brush Up Low Fade Haircut Taper

This particular hairstyle is advantageous for men with fine and thin hair as it adds volume and texture. While it does require some styling effort, the result is well worth it. You can achieve a striking yet tasteful effect by keeping the sides shorter and incorporating a taper fade. The hair on top should be brushed upwards using great hair products and a high-powered hair dryer. This combination creates a dramatic and stylish look with enhanced volume and definition.

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Clean Neckline Taper Fade

You don’t necessarily need to choose a high or bald fade to achieve a sharp and masculine appearance. Even a subtle taper fade on the sides can add a stylish and refined touch to your overall look. However, consider keeping long hair on top to elevate your hairstyle with a distinctive edge. This combination creates a bold and sophisticated contrast between the shorter tapered sides and the longer, more prominent hair on top, resulting in a distinguished and fashionable style.

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Caesar Inspired Taper

Do people in the tab uplift you to make changes in your life? Why not give a Caesar haircut a try? It goes wonderfully with a tricky design and a faded hairstyle.

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Curly Taper Fade

A taper fade haircut is particularly advantageous for men with curly hair. It helps manage and groom the curls effectively. Consider using a texturizing product to enhance the structure and shape of your curls on top. This will add definition and create a more pronounced and stylish look. If you prefer a more subtle and reserved hairstyle, a low-taper curly haircut is a great choice. It provides a gradual transition while maintaining the neatness and manageability of your curly locks. With a taper fade and the right styling products, you can confidently showcase your curls and style.

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Comb Over Fade

The comb-over fade is a versatile hairstyle that provides various styling possibilities. In this case, the model has chosen to side-part his hair and slick it back for a polished look. One of the advantages of the taper fade comb over is that it can be particularly appealing to bald men or those with thinning hair. Incorporating the taper fade allows them to conceal any hairless patches and create the illusion of fuller hair. This hairstyle combination offers a secure and stylish solution for those looking to enhance their appearance while addressing specific hair concerns.

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Choppy Short Low Taper Fade

Gone are the days when men with thick hair felt limited to getting thinned shortcuts. Nowadays, choppy haircuts paired with taper fades can provide them with an edgy, polished, and sophisticated look. Whether they prefer short choppy hair or wear it longer like the model, the versatility of taper fades offers numerous styling options. This combination allows men with thick hair to embrace their natural texture while achieving a refined and trendy appearance. With choppy haircuts and taper fades, they can confidently showcase their individuality and create a unique style that suits their preferences.

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Taper Fade Blonde Hair

Choosing a taper fade is highly advantageous for black men. When combined with an Afro hairstyle, a taper fade offers several benefits. Firstly, it is generally easier to maintain than a traditional Afro, allowing for a more manageable and groomed appearance. Secondly, the taper fade creates a face-framing effect, drawing attention to facial features and enhancing the overall aesthetics. Additionally, the combination of an Afro with a taper fade provides a bolder and more stylish look, making a confident and impactful statement. Black men can embrace the versatility and modernity that a taper fades Afro brings while enjoying the convenience of a lower-maintenance hairstyle.

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Flowy Swept Back

If you want a relaxed and breezy hairstyle, add flowy strands. For a high-contrast look, sweep back the hair on top and get the sides shaved very close to the skin. If that feels too much, you can gradually fade on the sides and back instead.

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Textured Short Top

A taper fade haircut can be done with any hair length. If you like shorter hair, pair it with a high taper for added definition. This means that the hair on the sides and back will gradually become shorter as it goes down.

To make the style more interesting, the hair on top can be cut in a way that enhances its natural texture. This will give your hairstyle more dimension and make it look more unique.

It’s a good idea to consult with a professional hairstylist who can guide you based on your hair type and preferences to achieve the desired look.

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Medium Blowout

When you want to look your best, a medium blowout haircut with tapered sides is a great choice. This elegant and neat style makes it suitable for various settings, from semi-formal to professional.

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Low Drop Taper Fade

A low-taper fade haircut is a reserved and classy option. It adds a stylish touch without being too flashy. If you want to make the taper more noticeable, you can choose a drop taper fade, which creates a stronger fade effect.

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Tapered Buzz Cut

As we mentioned earlier, a taper fade haircut works well with any hair length, as evidenced by the variety of short and long taper fade styles available today. If you prefer a buzz cut, pairing it with a tapered cut will complement it nicely.

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Short Blowout

Try a blowout haircut on top with a tapered low fade on the sides and back for a polished look that’s easy to maintain. Add a defined line-up along the forehead and temples to make it more edgy.

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Long Textured Low Taper Haircut

If you like the style of long hair on top and short sides, this is your hairstyle. Pairing a low taper on the sides with long hair on top creates a focal point for your overall look. Consider giving your long strands a more detailed and intricate shape to enhance this style. You can achieve this by getting a textured cut, which adds dimension and definition to the hair. Additionally, applying a hair product will help further emphasize the shape and texture.

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High Top Fade

The high-top fade hairstyle, popularized in 1990s hip hop, has become trendy again with a modern touch. It suits African American men and those with tight curly hair. The model’s high top sits above a mid-taper fade, which starts around the temples and ends just above the ears.

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Tapered Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle continues to be timeless and trendy. This Mohawk fades, paired with spiked hair and a scruffy beard, can still appear sophisticated if the model desires. The Mohawk is now seen as a versatile style that suits anyone, not just punk rockers.

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Tapered Side Part

Here’s another variation of a side-part fade haircut. The model in the picture has long hair, allowing him to create a deep side part. This style looks great on wavy and curly hair. Someone with straight hair but wants curls can use a curling iron or wand. It’s perfectly fine for men to use heat styling tools to achieve their desired look.

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Brushed Back Haircut

The model showcases a stylish combination of brushed-back hair, and a low taper fade. This hairstyle works particularly well with coarse and thick hair, enhancing the dapper appearance.

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Textured Crop

The French crop hairstyle can be challenging, but adding a taper makes it more adaptable. A high tapered fade keeps the textured top as the centerpiece. If you have kinky and unruly hair, a French crop fade for black men is a great way to control and style your locks while adding a fashionable touch.

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Tapered Pompadour

A pompadour hairstyle called a pomp has short sides and back with long hair on top, especially at the front. The hairstylist creates a high fade taper to shape the front hair into a pomp style. In the past, people slicked back their pompadours. However, this model showcases a modern pompadour fade. The pomp is styled high, while the taper can be low, mid, or high, depending on the wearer’s choice.

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Quiff Top Taper Fade

The quiff hairstyle resembles a pomp as they are both swept back and have a high appearance. However, the quiff usually has more volume on the sides. The model in this example displays a striking men’s quiff with a mid-taper fade, highlighting the choice of length. It can be worn longer and with more volume if preferred.

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Spiky Hairstyle

Even if you don’t have long hair on top, you can still make your hairstyle stand out with a taper fade. The model in this example has short spiky hair that looks amazing and can be worn for any occasion. The taper fade adds a neat and modern touch to the spiky style. Taper fades work well with various hairstyles, including shorter spiky ones. If you prefer a more traditional look, try one of the short spiky hairstyles. You’ll certainly look handsome.

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Spiky & Bleached

Taper fades allow adding hair designs or bleaching, making them versatile options. They are particularly suitable for thick men’s haircuts with a taper fade. The model’s silver hair fade is a great example, showcasing the creative potential of this style.

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Brushed Up Tapered Haircut

Pairing a taper fade with a brushed-up hairstyle is a great combination as it keeps the focus on the prominent top. This hairstyle is eye-catching and stylish while being low-maintenance and easy to maintain.

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Slicked Pompadour + Taper Fade

If you want a sleek and refined slicked pompadour hairstyle, pairing it with a taper fade is a great option. The taper fade enhances the overall style without removing its elegance and adds a modern and trendy element. You’ll need a wide-tooth comb and a hair product with a matte finish to achieve this look.

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Long Curly Bangs + Taper Fade

A taper fade haircut is a great choice if you have naturally curly hair. It helps define and outline your curls, enhancing their natural shape and pattern. When it comes to styling, you can easily use your fingers with a small amount of hair product to run through your curly bangs, and you’ll be good to go.

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Taper Haircut + Long Bang

The taper haircut is known for its neat look, allowing you to pair it with any length of bangs you prefer. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can even grow a full beard extending to your chest, creating an impressive and rugged appearance when combined with a tapered hairstyle.

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Slicked Back Taper Low Fade Haircut

If you want to make your hairstyle stand out without going for very sharp cuts, you can try slicking back your hair. This style adds a bold and elegant touch to any hairstyle, even as simple as a short pompadour.

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Taper Fade Black Curly Hair

A taper fade brings a trendy element to your hairstyle without taking attention from the top. It effortlessly highlights the top part, making it the main focus. If you like relaxed and easygoing hairstyles, tousle the hair on top by running your fingers through it. To create more contrast and make a bolder statement, you can bleach the hair on top while keeping the roots dark.

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Curly Top With High Volume

If you have naturally curly hair, it’s best to make the most of your curls. Pair your curly hairstyle with a taper fade that suits your preference, whether short or long fade with a noticeable or subtle transition. To add volume, focus on creating ample volume on top. Use a hair product with a matte finish and medium hold to shape and define your curls.

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Textured Short Top Crop

Whether it’s your preference or a dress code requirement, not having long hair doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a stylish and cool look. There are plenty of trendy short hairstyles, such as the crop top. To rock this style, you only need to opt for a short taper fade on the sides and get a textured cut on top. Taper fade texturizado also trendy haircuts.

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Bald Taper Fade

A bald taper fade may not suit everyone, but choosing this haircut can give you a daring and edgy look. Furthermore, a skin fade taper works well with many different hairstyles on top, giving you the freedom to try out various looks.

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Southside Fade

The Southside Fade haircut that is progressively thicker on the top of the head and short on the bottom.

What Do I Need For The Taper Fade Haircut?

The taper fade haircut is typically suited for shorter hair lengths, usually around 2 to 4 inches long. You can choose to leave it longer if desired, but it’s important to note that longer hair may compromise the neatness of the style. So, it’s a matter of deciding what you prioritize more.

In addition to considering the optimal hair length, assessing whether a taper fade will suit you is important. This haircut is quite revealing and tends to emphasize any flaws or imperfections on your scalp, such as scars or bumps. It’s essential to consider these factors and determine if a taper fade is the right choice for you based on your individual features and preferences. If you have concerns or uncertainties, it’s recommended to consult with a professional barber or hairstylist who can provide personalized advice based on your specific needs.

Mid Taper Fade Tutorial


 What is the optimal hair length for a taper fade haircut? 

The optimal hair length for a taper fade haircut is usually 2 to 4 inches long. However, you can choose to leave it longer if desired, but keep in mind that long hair may affect the neatness of the style.

Will a taper fade haircut suit me? 

Whether a taper fades suits depends on various factors, including your individual features and preferences. It’s important to consider that a taper fade pelo corto is a revealing haircut and may emphasize any flaws or imperfections on your scalp, such as scars or bumps. If you have concerns or uncertainties, it’s best to consult a professional barber or hairstylist who can assess your situation and provide personalized advice.

What should I consider before getting a taper fade? 

Before getting a taper fade alto, consider the optimal hair length, around 2 to 4 inches. You should also assess whether the haircut will suit you based on your features and any potential flaws or imperfections on your scalp. It’s recommended to consult with a professional barber or hairstylist for personalized advice and to determine if a taper fade is the right choice for you.


In conclusion, the world of taper fade haircuts offer men an extensive range of trendy and stylish options. You can find a taper fade haircut with many variations that suit your style and preferences.

Whether you prefer a low, mid, or high taper fade, each variation brings its unique touch to your overall look. From classic and clean cuts to bold and edgy designs, there is a taper fade haircut to match any personality and fashion sense.

The versatility of taper fade taper fade bajo pelo largo haircuts allows for seamless integration with various hairstyles. You can pair it with a slicked-back look for a sophisticated appearance or a textured crop for a more casual and modern vibe. The contrast between the tapered sides and the longer hair on top creates a visually appealing aesthetic that is both fashionable and eye-catching.

Regular maintenance and styling are key to making the most of your taper fade haircut. This includes scheduling regular appointments with a skilled barber to maintain the desired length and shape and using quality hair products to enhance the texture and hold of your hairstyle.

With 50 trendy options, you have a wide array of taper fade haircuts to experiment with. Whether you’re looking for a timeless and refined style or a more daring and bold statement, the world of taper fade haircuts has something for everyone. Embrace versatility and express your style with confidence.